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XChange UK Announce Launch of New Website and Updated Company Identity - fa %age
XChange UK today announces the launch of their new web site. In conjuction with the launch of the new site, XChange UK have also changed their company logo and identity for a fresh new look. By providing users time-saving features as well as additional design options, the redesigned web site better reflects current services, including consultancy, integration and training alongside workflow automation and productivity enhancement software. The new site goes live 1 October.
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plasq Introduces Comic Life 3 for iPad and iPhone - fa %age
plasq LLC has released Comic Life 3 for iPad and iPhone, the latest major release of its award winning photo comic creation software. Adding powerful new capabilities without compromising usability, Comic Life 3 incorporates several major new features including a new collection of parametric image filters, an Instant Alpha tool, and a script editor with new SmartScript technology. Comic Life 3 also adds new creative and editing features such as speedlines, 3D lettering, and Find and Replace.
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CS Odessa Adds Five New Network Solutions For ConceptDraw PRO - fa %age
CS Odessa has announced new Computer and Network Solutions for ConceptDraw PRO that has been added to the ConceptDraw Solution Park. The new solutions provide a great toolset for IT and network professionals who use ConceptDraw PRO. The new additions and updates to ConceptDraw PRO will empower IT and network professionals with extensive new libraries and objects for network layouts, rack diagrams,telecommunication network diagrams, vehicular network, and wireless network diagrams.
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IP Camera Cloud for Mac is Released - fa %age
DComplex, LLC has announced the release of IP Camera Cloud for Mac: video surveillance software for home or small office. The product allows one to record video from up to 20 IP Cameras simultaneously on the Mac, or optionally copy the video to the Cloud and store it there for 30 days. Our advanced remote access apps for iPhone/iPad and Mac connect to the video recording Mac automatically, without the need to setup port forwarding or manually opening ports.
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Karelia Software Releases Sandvox 2.9 - fa %age
Karelia Software has released Sandvox 2.9, a significant update to its award-winning website building software for OS X. Sandvox lets anybody, even non-experts, build beautiful, modern, feature-rich and standards-compliant websites. Sandvox requires no HTML, CSS or design experience. A free update to all Sandvox 2 customers, Sandvox 2.9 introduces a new Vimeo object, improves publishing performance, and now includes direct support for SSL security for FTP and WebDAV.
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New Business English Apps Help Learners Succeed at Work - fa %age
Language Success Press has announced a new app series that will bring success at work: the Business English series. The apps help learners speak more fluent English on the job, increasing confidence and bringing success. The new series features three apps: Business English Negotiations, Business English You're the Boss, and Business English Strategy and Sales. Each app teaches over 100 important business English expressions and idioms through realistic scenarios.
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ABBYY FineScanner for iOS 8: Mobile Scanner with OCR - fa %age
The new version of ABBYY's powerful mobile scanning application which fully supports iOS 8 and its extensions is available in the Apple App Store free of charge. A winner of the SUPERSTAR Mobile Star Awards for high-resolution scanning of printed and hand-written text, ABBYY FineScanner 4.0 now delivers highly-accurate optical character recognition and format retention for scanned documents in 44 languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Cyrillic.
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Videon for iOS adds iOS8 and iPhone 6/6+ support incl 240fps Video Mode - fa %age
Lucky Clan has announced that Videon 2.5 now fully supports iOS8 and iPhone 6/6+ including amazing 240fps mode. Videon is a universal, powerful video camera and editor that contains all the features necessary to record great videos, from capture to editing to viewing. Along with full iOS 8 support, version 2.5 adds 240fps support for iPhone 6/6+, introduces a new Flip Horizontal/Vertical effect in editor, as well as fixed problem with orientation when merging videos and more.
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Typinator 6.2 adds powerful functions based on regular expressions - fa %age
Ergonis Software has announced Typinator 6.2, a new version of their popular text expander. Typinator has been a leader in the field of text expansion software for nearly a decade. Typinator 6 introduced an extremely versatile new feature - to create expansions based on regular expressions. Typinator 6.2 adds new built-in functions (Count, List, Any, Index) that provide even more powerful applications of regular expressions.
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From famous comics designers Sketch and Breakfast: Felinia's World - fa %age
Tecworks has announced Felinia's World Free 1.5, the first game created with the drawings of the famous italian comics designers Sketch & Breakfast, authors of the comic characters Felinia and Ribosio, two controversial personalities, struggling with everyday life problems. Help Felinia cross 5 incredible food worlds, full of magic, fantasy, realistic physics, facing every kind of puzzling strategy in this fun-to-play action arcade style.
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Free Fonts Passes 200,000 Downloads on the Mac App Store - fa %age
Free Fonts on the Mac App Store has passed 200,000 downloads on the Mac App Store, maintaining a top 15 position in the Graphics & Design category since its release over a year ago. Don't settle for the same looking fonts everyone else uses for their writing, presentations, reports and designs. Change up your text style with a creative collection of 515 free fonts. All fonts are in OpenType font format and include a commercial use license to use in any home or business design project.
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3D Molecules Edit and Test - a useful chemistry tool for iPad and iPhone - fa %age
Virtual Space has announced the release of 3D Molecules Edit & Test 1.0, a chemistry application for iPad and iPhone. 3D Molecules Edit & Test allows students to build 3D molecule models from scratch. Users can easily assemble model of any organic or inorganic compound using most of the periodic table elements. The key feature of 3D Molecules Edit&Test is the "Test yourself" mode which allows learners to check their knowledge of chemical compounds and to receive feedback.
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CarusoApps Releases Infinity Checklist for iOS - fa %age
CarusoApps has introduced Infinity Checklist 1.1, its new reference app for iOS. Great for parents and children alike to track their collections, Infinity Checklist is a lightweight app for tracking play sets, characters, and power discs for Disney Infinity 1.0 and 2.0. The app offers an own, want, and trade feature with an updated checklist feature to mark off what users currently have. The release date of the app is 9/23 to go hand and hand with the game launch at all major retailers.
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Wasabi Launches Sequel to Gorilla Band with Make A Song Story App - fa %age
App developer, Wasabi Productions has introduced Make A Song by Gorilla Band 2 for iOS, the much-anticipated sequel to Gorilla Band, which reached #1 in Australia, #5 in the UK and #11 in the USA for storybook apps, a QED seal of approval from the Digital Book World Awards, 2014 and recognition by Apple as a New and Noteworthy app. This new app showcases an immersive, 3D jungle-world where a cast of young gorillas learn to appreciate the sounds and rhythms of nature.
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OS X Yosemite 10.10 GM1 - Golden Master candidate of the next major OS X release. (Free) - fa %age
Note: This is a Golden Master candidate release. You must be a registered Apple Mac Developer to download this update. You can also sign up for the free OS X Beta Program to download and preview public beta releases.

OS X Yosemite is Apple's newest operating system for Mac.

An elegant design that feels entirely fresh, yet inherently familiar. The apps you use every day, enhanced with new features. And a completely new relationship between your Mac and iOS devices. OS X Yosemite will change how you see your Mac. And what you can do with it.

Redesigned interface.
With OS X Yosemite, we set out to elevate the experience of using a Mac. To do that, we looked at the entire system and refined it app by app. Feature by feature. Pixel by pixel. And we built great new capabilities into the interface that put need-to-know information at your fingertips. The result is that your Mac has a fresh new look, with all the power and simplicity you know and love.

Powerful built-in apps.
One of the best things about a Mac is that it comes loaded with state-of-the-art, beautifully designed apps you’ll love to use every day. In OS X Yosemite, those apps give you new ways to do some of the things you do most. The apps you use to surf the web, read your mail, send messages, and organize files have a simpler, more elegant look, and we’ve enhanced them with great new features.

Mac and iOS.
Use a Mac or an iOS device, and you can do incredible things. Use them together, and you can do so much more. Because now with OS X Yosemite and iOS 8, all your devices work together even more harmoniously. They recognize when they're near each other, enabling brilliant new features that feel magical and yet make perfect sense.

Version 10.10 GM1:
  • You can now submit apps and app updates to the Mac App Store built with Xcode 6.1 GM seed
  • Mouse/Trackpad videos updated with Yosemite UI
  • New iWork icons
  • Fixed bash security flaw

  • OS X 10.10 Yosemite or later

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Command-C 1.1.4 - Clipboard sharing tool for iOS and OS X. (Free) - fa %age
Command-C is a revolutionary app which makes easy to share your clipboard between iOS and OS X using your local WiFi network, even if the app is not currently opened.

Copy anything (text, pictures, urls) from your Mac or iOS device, open Command-C and share it to another device. No need to double tap the home button, whatever app you're currently using just paste it and you're done!

Track of every clipboards shared using the Clipboard History. Open Command-C, swipe left and check out the most recently shared clipboards. Tap to preview, Long Press to copy or delete.

Enhance your iOS workflows using x-callback-urls and bookmarklets.

Version 1.1.4:

Note: If you get 'Clipboard Sharing Refused' error after upgrading to iOS 8, just re-pair your devices.
  • Fixed a serious bug while pairing your Mac with other devices
  • Support for iOS 8 devices
  • Minor bug fixes

  • OS X 10.8 or later

More information

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Remotix 3.0.2 - Access all your computers from anywhere. (Demo) - fa %age
Remotix is a fast and powerful application to easily access multiple Macs (and PCs) from your own Mac.

Highlights compared to other VNC clients:

  • Complete Apple Screen Sharing support - including Mac OS X login, clipboard synchronization, Apple adaptive codec and multiple display configurations
  • Automatic Bonjour server discovery as well as network scanners to find Macs and PCs to connect to
  • Complete SSH tunelling support with public-key and password authentication
  • Quick-access icon in Mac OS X menu for instant access to stored servers
  • Clean user interface

Version 3.0.2:
  • Introducing Remotix Cloud!
    • Connect to any computer from anywhere with zero configuration. Quick access code to help colleagues and friends. Set up trusted users to share the computer with teammates. And even manage your computers from the web interface! More info at
  • Brand New Interface
    • Optimized for Mavericks and Yosemite. If you have lots of servers to manage, you'll love new server table view.
  • Your battery's best friend
    • Due to extensive optimizations, Remotix is not only providing the fastest remote desktop on a planet, but also makes your battery happy.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Remotix 3 requires OS X 10.7 or higher to run. If you have OS X 10.6 please do not update.

  • OS X 10.7 or later

More information

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FotoMagico 4.5.1 - Powerful slideshow creator with multi-app integration. (Demo) - fa %age

FotoMagico lets you create professional slideshows from your photos and music with just a few, simple mouse clicks. It sports a very clean and intuitive yet powerful user interface. High image quality, fast performance, and user flexibility were some of the design goals for this application.

Create the most spectacular slideshows:

  • Scale, move, rotate, zoom or pan around your images to highlight that part that matters the most.
  • Your slides fit together perfectly with the new, gorgeous transitions.
  • Provide more meaning with subtle titles here and there.
Perform a breathtaking show:
  • Your slideshow uses the best possible resolution of your presentation device.
  • Use large displays, HDTV screens and other high resolution devices.
  • Even on a VGA projector, your photos will look better with FotoMagico.
Your audience will want to take it home:
  • Burn DVDs of your slideshow with iDVD or Roxio Toast.
  • Put your slideshow on the new iPod.
  • Export in almost any QuickTime format.
Your audience will never fall asleep again.

Version 4.5.1:
  • Incorrect audio fade-ins and fade-outs have been fixed.
  • The profile popup menu in Custom Video export now behaves correctly when running FotoMagico in German or French.
  • Various small fixes.

  • OS X 10.8 or later

More information

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QuickBooks 2015 - Financial management and accounting for small businesses. (Demo) - fa %age
Save 20% on QuickBooks Pro for Mac today through this special discount link

QuickBooks Pro 2013 helps you manage your business easily and efficiently. Organize your finances all in one place, track money going in and out of your business, and spot areas where you can save.

  • Built for Mac OS - Looks and works like you'd expect
  • Create invoices, pay bills, and manage expenses
  • Gain insight into your business with over 100 reports
  • New tool lets you easily track mileage
  • New multi-user options offer simultaneous access to QuickBooks data

  • This is the first public release of QuickBooks 2015 for Mac.

  • OS X 10.9 or later

More information

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AstroGrav 3.0 - Study motion of astronomical objects and interaction with gravity. (Shareware) - fa %age

AstroGrav is a software program that allows you to study how astronomical objects move and interact under the force of gravity. It features superb interactive 3D graphics which allow you to move around within an astronomical system that you are viewing, while watching how it evolves with the passage of time.

A wide variety of sample files are provided, including Solar System, space mission, and abstract systems, and these enable you to experiment with AstroGrav without having to go to the trouble of entering your own data. The comprehensive editing facilities allow you to either create your own astronomical systems, or to modify existing ones, and provide you with an almost endless scope for experimentation and investigation.

AstroGrav can be used to visualize and understand the following aspects of gravitational and astronomical systems.

  • Basic concepts of mass, position, velocity, acceleration, force, momentum, and energy.
  • Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion and Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation.
  • Many body systems and the n-body problem.
  • Orbits and Lagrange points.
  • Interchange of potential energy and kinetic energy in gravitational systems.
  • Projectiles and escape velocities.
  • Gravitational slingshots used in space missions.
AstroGrav calculates how astronomical objects move according to Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation, and displays the results as they are calculated so that you can watch the system evolve as in a movie. AstroGrav is very accurate, dynamically calculates orbits as a system evolves, deals correctly with object collisions, and can cope simultaneously with objects on many different timescales.

AstroGrav is ideal for any of the following.

  • Astronomers interested in studying the evolution of gravitational systems.
  • Teachers and educationalists seeking to deliver courses on math, physics, or astronomy.
  • Students of math, physics, or astronomy.
  • Anyone else interested in studying how objects move and interact under the force of gravity.

Version 3.0:
  • Added the ability to view from locations on the Earth's surface in order to give the software planetarium-style capabilities in solar system simulations.
  • Enhanced the options available with the View / View From... and View / Fix... commands.
  • Added the View / Background / Horizontal Grid command to display the local horizontal (altitude-azimuth) coordinate grid in solar system simulations.
  • Added the View / Background / Horizon command to display the local horizon in solar system simulations.
  • Added the View / Background / Galactic Grid command to display the galactic coordinate grid in solar system simulations.
  • Added the View / Background / Galactic Plane command to display the galactic coordinate plane in solar system simulations.
  • Made major improvements to the way that bouncing collisions are handled during evolution.
  • Various minor bug fixes and improvements.

  • OS X 10.5 or later

More information

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